Supply Chain Management

As the world shrinks and supply chains get longer and more complex, good logistics management becomes ever more essential in providing for the optimum flow of goods, material, and information. Supply chains are vulnerable with the widespread adoption of lean practices, high levels of variety, and product proliferation. Supply chains need to remain agile with the ability to respond rapidly to changes.

In order to meet evolving customer requirements, PSS Lines begins its process of continuous logistics improvement by mapping all the elements that comprise a client's supply chain and improving data collection to capture key functional variables.

Once the current system is decomposed and understood in terms of costs, time to market, and scheduling/resource bottlenecks, our trained professionals apply industry best practices and a range of optimization solutions to introduce efficiencies and time/cost savings throughout the supply / distribution chain.

At PSS Lines we focus on helping you plan, balance, and manage your supply chain. We work with you to implement new solutions in sourcing, multimodal transportation, and distribution resulting in both cost reduction and improved customer service.

By adopting a systematic approach with a complete review of the supply chain operation, PSS Lines can eliminate waste, unnecessary and inefficient processes, and organizational procedures while maximizing existing resources, to identify waste, unnecessary and inefficient processes, and organizational procedures to maximize profitability PSS Lines, will focus on process improvements and collaboration across the supply chain to customize a logistics plan specifically for your needs.